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Remotejobs Asia curates high quality remote and freelance jobs from the web. We help remote job seekers to land job offers from remote-friendly companies like Automattic, Groove, Buffer and many more. You can check out the top companies hiring remote workers in 2022 on the following link:

Remote Companies Hiring in 2022


Why Choose Remotejobs Asia?

There are hundreds of remote job sites out there. Remotejobs Asia is one of the top remote jobs curation sites in Asia. We are not trying to compete with WWR, RemoteOK or other big platforms.

We are focused on getting the most relevant remote job opportunities in front of Asian job seekers. As the remote working trend is emerging within the Asean region we are looking forward to publishing opportunities from remote companies based in Asia.


Get In Front of Quality Remote Candidates

We are currently working towards getting more applications and qualified candidates for the remote jobs curated at Remotejobs Asia.

In Asia, the remote working culture is growing due to Covid-19 pandemic and we are expecting it to grow past the pandemic as well. Remote work is an industry on its own now.

Compared to other regions, the Asian region is adapting to the remote working culture at a slow pace. That’s why we are taking this opportunity to become the #1 Remote Jobs Curation site in Asia.

We also want to make sure to make it easy for remote-first companies to hire remote candidates in Asia faster.


How Does Remotejobs Asia Works?

For candidates:

Click on the job postings that are relevant to your qualification and experience or browse them via given categories.


You can directly apply for the remote jobs of your choice directly with the hiring company. [We only publish job postings from companies]

If you want to get weekly remote jobs alert to your inbox, feel free to subscribe to our email list here:

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For companies/employers:

Click on “Post A Remote Job“. Fill in the details of the job. [Please make sure to post only if you’re hiring globally or from the Asia region]

Each job posting will only cost US$30. It will be valid for 90 days.