Remote Jobs Roundup for 2nd Week of February 2021

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We will be posting Remote Jobs Roundup from Remotejobs.Asia in Blog section onward February 2021.

We are starting out with blog.

We’ve been working on Remotejobs.Asia for almost 2 years. We’ve built an email list of 17,000+ subscribers and a Facebook group with 13k members. As we were extremely busy with other projects, we stopped updating remote jobs on Remotejobs.Asia

Now we have a dedicated team member who will completely take care of remote jobs curation on daily basis. Our job curation site is catered for remote job seekers in the Asian region to find remote jobs that allow them to work from wherever they are. The site is not restricted to Asians alone, even remote job seekers from other parts of the world can find preferred remote jobs.

At we only curate jobs that allow remote workers to work from anywhere in the world. We don’t publish remote jobs that have specific location requirement. Some remote jobs from companies based in United States and Canada require their candidates to be in the same country.

So, be reminded that only curates jobs that allows skillful individuals to work from anywhere they want to.

Let’s get started with the latest remote jobs roundup for the 2nd week of February 2021

  1. On Deck: Growth Marketer
  2. Foreign Policy: Web Developer
  3. Empire Flippers: Customer Advisor
  4. Serial Box: Senior Frontend Web Engineer
  5. Automattic: Mobile Engineers (Android & iOS)
  6. Canonical: Senior Software Engineer
  7. CodeNotary: QA Automation Engineer
  8. Nylas: Technical Writer
  9. Doist: Head of Product
  10. Modern Tribe: WordPress Engineer
  11. Liquid Space: UX Copywriter
  12. Twilio: Python
  13. Sourcegraph: Managing Editor
  14. Bevy: Technical Writer
  15. The Fabulous: Product Data Analyst
  16. Octane AI: Software Engineer
  17. Jibble Group: Senior Front-End Developer
  18. Github: Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer
  19. Brave: Senior Android Engineer
  20. Fetch & Funnel: Google Advertising Manager

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