We’re looking for an epic designer. You’ll be responsible for the conceptualization and design of internal user interfaces, applications and consumer-facing website for global brands and funky neighbourhood startups. You should be focused & detail-oriented. You should be able to apply strategic thinking to design and delivery innovate end-to-end user experience that combines beauty, accessibility and optimize end-user experience. You’ll typically be working very closely with our developers on 2-3 projects that have timelines of 6-8 weeks.


A bit about the role:

Product Development – As part of our UI/UX team, you will be heavily involved during the product development process, you will be required to carry out research and also provide partners and the team with your inputs on how to make the product better!

Prototyping – You must be able to translate solutions from the product development phase into beautiful & efficient prototypes.

Handoff – Your prototypes must take into consideration the development lifecycles and handoffs between design and development must be seamless.


What we expect in our ideal candidate:

Focus on quality: You are someone who focuses most of his efforts on ensuring that we generate high-quality content.

Critical Thinker: You like to challenge the status quo. We want you to have a passion for solving problems. You must have a habit of constantly tinkering with your work to make it the best.

Organized and Structured: One of the most important characteristics for this, if you are someone who is best friends with To-Do lists and Calendars, we want you. Our prototypes generally have several screens and are iterated often, being organized will help you deliver on time consistently.

Someone who loves to get things done: You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and take responsibility. We do not hire people just to manage other people. We expect you to deliver results directly.

A head for numbers: You are data-driven. If a button should be on the right – you need to have a scientific understanding of why and a method to measure it’s impact as well! You can give examples of how you have moved some metrics before.

Technical knowledge and experience of working with engineers is a plus: You may have started out your career as an engineer or maybe it’s a secret passion. Either way, you need to be able to communicate effectively with our developers.

Willingness to explore new things: As we are a fast-growing startup, we routinely like to experiment with and implement new technologies/methodologies.

Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time: An average developer at Commutatus works on at least 3 projects at the same time. As a UX/UI designer, you might be working on the Order Management section of an E-commerce Website in the morning and finish the day with improvements on a Food Ordering Mobile Application.

Identify problems and propose solutions without being told to do so: We love independent problem solvers. If you feel that something can be done better, we absolutely love it if you go ahead and propose the change.

Resourcefulness: In the age of Google, very few problems cannot be solved with some extensive Googling. We like our employees to be resourceful and exhaust every avenue before escalating the issue/problem to the senior manager.

Ownership: As we are a startup, we are a very tight-knit family. We value employees taking ownership of the work they do and the company in general.


Various management and technical practices 

  • Grooming Meetings – We evaluate our workload for the sprint with designers, product managers, and developers together to ensure we deliver on the sprint without having to work overtime or compromise on quality.


  • Feature Presentations – Development teams sit along with our product managers and designers to evaluate work in progress features and also the team gets a chance to weigh in on how best we can deliver on the sprint. Performance and experience inputs are also discussed here.


  • Mid-sprint Checkpoint – We have a checkpoint on how the sprint is spearheading operationally, check for any delays to communicate and if we can accommodate additional tasks.


  • Friday Talks – We shut down the shop on Friday at 6 PM for talks by people from our team of industry experts on topics ranging from personal health to optimize performance on database servers.


  • Open Source/Learning – We enjoy contributing to open source or learning new tools of the trade to enhance our skills.


  • Retro Meetings – We evaluate our sprint process – how the sprint went in a start, stop, continue format with the objective of looking into how we can further improve our processes to deliver great experiences for our developers and our partners!


  • Thursday Sports – Football, Cricket, Basketball, we keep alternating with most of the company getting split up into teams and bringing the battle to the playground for a couple of hours every week!


  • Standups – All teams have daily standups to keep in sync and also find out who needs helps and who can.


  • Code Review – We take code/design review very seriously at Commutatus with a focus on improving the current codebase with every single commit.

Tools of the trade:

Below are the tools that we use to get the job done, experience with these tools is a plus but at the end of the day, great products are built by people and not by tools. So if you don’t have experience with our specific toolkit, never fear.

  • Figma – We use Figma extensively for designing, prototyping and development handoff.
  • Overflow – We make use of this tool to create User Flows with screens to help with handoffs and documentation.
  • Illustrator/Photoshop – Some experience with these tools or similar graphic design tools is recommended for fine-tuning images or working with vectors on occasion.
  • Notion – Our documentation and planning are maintained on the Notion to help us keep organised.



In light of the Covid-19 situation, we’ve made a recent shift from a Chennai based company to a fully remote one. This is a full-time, fully remote role. Ideally, you are located in India, but we are open to other countries on a case by case basis.

Salary Range: 6.5 LPA to 8 LPA