Remote Senior SAAS Customer Data Analyst

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TrendSpider is seeking a Senior SAAS Customer Data Analyst to work outside the departmental hierarchy to help us analyze and understand our customers better, so that we may improve our products and processes across the company and accelerate our growth.

Top Line

  • Collect and analyze data about TrendSpider customers via existing analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Survey Monkey, InnerTrends, Stripe Sigma, BareMetrics, and our proprietary Cancellation System) or platforms of your choice.
  • Generate actionable insights for other TrendSpider departments based on this data with the specific goals of:
    •  improving conversion rates on free trials
    •  increasing renewal rates on existing customers
    •  increasing product stickiness
    •  growing user engagement in the product itself
    •  reducing service cancellation rates.

The challenges you will work to solve

  1. Analyze customer behaviour data and establish defined customer profiles.
    Use data to define a profile of our ideal customer (trading style, tools used, customer source, demographics, persona, etc.) using collected and computed data (platform usage data, lifetime value, overall spend, mrr, low churn, etc.) Communicate this to the Marketing team so they can work to acquire more ideal customers. (e.g. increase the quality of traffic). Use this data to build a predictive model so we can identify our ideal customers early to convince them to renew faster.
  2. Analyzing customer renewal data and cancellation/churn reasons.
    Work to understand the reasons for churn across different cohorts of users and communicate this to the Marketing, Customer Success and Development teams so that they may use this knowledge to improve the product, improve the effectiveness of customer support and training services, and help better inform marketing decisions. Use this data to build a predictive model so we can identify at-risk customers early.
  3. Identify other short-term and long-term areas for improvement across the company.
    Analyze all aspects of customers’ behaviour in correlation with metrics which matter to us (retention, lifetime value, etc) to seek patterns and abnormal correlations or unexpected spikes/valleys. The goal is to invest time into seeking low-hanging fruit (discovering obvious issues / identifying quick and big wins).


  • Previous experience working on a SAAS project
  • Previous experience in developing an analytical framework to analyze complex business problems and using analytics to drive business results
  • Previous experience to transform, manipulate and analyze data
  • Ability to frame business problems into analytical outputs and translate them back to business needs
  • Ability to construct, manipulate and work with large datasets

Hours and compensation

  • Full-time with flexible schedule (at least 3 hours overlap with CST per workday)
  • Report to CEO and CTO
  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Sponsored health, dental and vision insurance (US staff only)
  • Flexible PTO policy

About TrendSpider

TrendSpider builds the world’s most powerful trading software. As one of the only trading-tech companies founded and operated by traders, we have a unique insight into the desires of the trading community and a unique product roadmap and vision to meet the needs of the community. We have over 10,000 active users, and have grown very rapidly in just a few years. Our platform has won numerous awards, including the 2021 Benzinga Fintech Award for Best Trading Technology, among others. We operate as a global distributed team and are focused on hiring and retaining the best talent regardless of geographical location. If you are interested in working with a world-class team on bleeding edge technology that has an immediate and meaningful impact on user’s lives, and you fit the above criteria, please apply.

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