Greenback Expat Tax Services is a company that specializes in preparing tax returns for Americans living overseas. We are a highly energetic, positive, resourceful team working virtually across the globe. We believe that executional excellence is key to success. We are currently seeking a Digital Marketing Brand and Product Manager that will focus on helping us strengthen and solidify our brand, protect and improve our customer experience and grow our customer base. This role is a great fit for someone who has extremely strong digital marketing skills and is obsessive about customer experience and brand/PR. This role will be responsible for helping us to ensure that the services we offer are best in class, and suit customer needs. This role is also responsible for all PR, social media, partnerships, and new business development activities. We’re a high-growth company, so we’re looking for someone who loves to win and help drive growth.

Your Qualifications

  • Creativity and innovation in the way that you communicate and get people excited about our brand. We’re looking for someone who’s a brand evangelist and feels comfortable in areas of PR, social media, partnership development, etc.S
  • superior and advanced ability to understand analytics and use data to make decisions. If you’re someone who geeks out on how small shifts make big improvements in digital marketing, you’re our person. We are looking for someone that can use data to drive change and improve customer experience.
  • Excellent communications skills! At the heart of all marketing is being able to communicate the value of our products effectively. We’re looking for someone who can flexibly, in different mediums, communicate our message.
  • Product Management experience. This person would be responsible for our product, positioning, and pricing- we need someone who is comfortable with learning the in’s and out’s of the ex-pat life, and the world of US ex-pat taxes – you’d need to become an expert on what customers will need from us and always be one step ahead.
  • Customer experience obsessed.
  • Creativity and the ability to think outside the box for new approaches that are relevant to our audience.
  • Strong attention to detail and execution skills.

Last but certainly not least, we’re looking for someone who’s a great fit for our company culture. We’re a small, high-performing team- all of us working remotely from home offices. We’re growing fast (check us out on the INC 5000 list- whoo-hoo!). We’re obsessive about customer experience, believe that planning is the key to success, and like to work hard and make things happen! We’re looking for someone who is confident, reliable, an excellent communicator, loves working in a fast-paced team, and is able to get things done with minimal supervision (we don’t like looking over your shoulder- and don’t think you’d like that either).

Time zone: we’re looking for someone who is in a fixed time zone +/- 3 hours from EST. We’re not looking for long-term travelers/people who aren’t in the same time zone most of the year.