We’re a UK-based high-growth, bootstrapped HR-tech start-up, building and selling software that helps in-house recruitment teams attract, hire, and retain the best talent.

We operate in a congested space, but we feel like the vast majority of organisations across the globe aren’t recruiting well (at all!), and that nobody has build recruitment software well enough to really make a dent in that problem yet. We’re doing what we can to solve that, and whilst we’re just getting started, it’s going pretty well so far.

First and foremost, we care deeply about design and value design thinking across every facet of our business. We’ve invested heavily in building a strong design foundation – we worked with Focus Lab on our brand early in our journey, and have spent the past couple of years working with Taylor/Thomas to evolve that brand into a fully-fledged design system covering both product and our marketing ecosystem.

We’re growing faster than ever, and we’re now looking to bring on our first full-time internal design hire (supported by our design partners where needed) to own and build upon design here at Pinpoint.


What you’ll be doing

You’ll be our first internal design hire, so the role will be very varied at first, with a view to enabling specialisation as we build a team around you in due course. A few examples of initial responsibilities are:

  • Contribute to the overall product and design direction of the whole company.
  • Review customer feedback and analytics, proactively identify solutions to problems or optimisation opportunities and produce designs to support them.
  • Collaborate with engineers, product managers, clients, partners and any other stakeholders.
  • Use and evolve our internal design system.
  • Create flows, prototypes, and high-fidelity visuals for your features.
  • Build upon our design culture, and (in time) recruit and manage a design team.
  • Understand and learn from industry best practice, another tooling, current customer process and so on to simplify complex recruitment concepts and make them accessible to a wider range of organisations.


To do well in this role you’ll need to

  •  Prior experience designing interactive applications. 

The world of design is broad, and whilst we have incredible respect for ‘traditional’ designers, we’re looking for someone who has prior experience designing complex software products for the web.

  •  A passion for design. 

The importance of design is already heavily embedded in our culture, and we’re looking for someone who can take that and run with it – we want you to love all aspects of design, and to always be investing time in improving your design capacity.

  •  Empathy for our clients/users.

 The best software in the world is pointless if people aren’t using it – we deal with a huge variety of clients, users, industries, geographies, etc. We like to take things back to first principles and not have too many preconceived notions when designing things, but we also need to listen (and watch) our users so we can help them help themselves. You shouldn’t be afraid of talking to clients!

  •  Effective communication skills. 

The role is remote, and much of our existing team are remote (across a range of timezones). Quality communication skills are an absolute requirement if you want to work remotely at the pace that we do.

  •  An ability to contribute to complex interaction design. 

Our product (and the ecosystem we operate as a whole) is now very complex, and continues to grow more complex by the day – you’ll need to be comfortable understanding large scale systems, information architecture flows and so on and designing solutions to radically streamline processes.

  •  Experience working with design systems. 

We’ve invested heavily into a design system and want to leverage that to ensure all output across the business is consistent and of high quality. That said, our product continuously evolves, and we’re looking for someone who’ll be comfortable building upon our design system and keeping it fresh and relevant as the business continues to scale.



We care deeply about making Pinpoint an incredible place to work and invest a significant amount of time and energy into creating and maintaining a company culture that provides our team with a generous level of support whilst inspiring them to do their best work.

The specific benefits/perks we offer are continually evolving, but currently include: 

  • Full healthcare coverage for you and your family
  • Generous personal development budget
  • Top of the line equipment (4K Monitors, MacBook Pro, etc.)
  • Flexible, remote working (choose how and where you work, within reason)
  • Competitive salary with regular pay reviews
  • Generous option grants


About Pinpoint

We’re changing the way companies hire, and rewriting the rules of recruitment.

With our simple, intelligent software and unlimited help from our team our customers attract more ‘good fit’ candidates, select from the best, and wow their new hire from the moment they say ‘yes’. If you’re looking for somewhere you can learn quickly, make a meaningful impact in a fast-paced business, and grow your career, you’re in the right place.

We’ll enable you to do your best work with the tools you need, support from the rest of the team, and an expectation that you’ll challenge that status quo—helping us continually improve what we do.