ProdPerfect is on the search for experienced, energetic, and consultative technology salespeople. We are seeking smart, passionate and articulate sales professionals, who share our core values and are excited by our culture, to join our growing team selling a sophisticated dev tools solution to software engineering teams. Our founders have pioneered an innovative new technology for an industry starved of real solutions, which radically differentiates us in the industry and makes selling fun! ProdPerfect sits in a unique and enviable position poised for hyper-growth: Series A funding and a big war chest, 50+ clients, and happy investors. Our ideal candidate has experience selling complex technical solutions, excellent communication abilities, a solid work ethic, superb organizational skills, experience working cross-departmentally, and history of crushing their quotas.



  • Achieve maximum sales results through prospecting and solution-based selling while performing discovery calls, web demonstrations and consistently following up. You own the sale from start to finish.
  • Deeply and thoroughly understand the customer’s situation, software infrastructure and team organization, and problems/needs; educate qualified prospects on how ProdPerfect’s offering will solve those challenges.
  • Lead prospects through the entire sales lifecycle from the initial call, through vetting/scoping and contract signature, to initial onboarding; and coordinate the sales process across pre-sales, sales engineer, and delivery teams at all levels within each account.
  • Prepare custom sales presentations for large or complex prospects. Prepare professional proposals or other collateral and content for applicable opportunities.
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with clients.
  • Collaborate with marketing and sales team leaders for best practices and proactively make suggestions for how processes and collateral can be improved. Maintain detailed and accurate sales forecasts with the disciplined use of the CRM.
  • Reach and exceed your sales quota targets.


Required Skills

  • 5+ years of work experience providing customer-facing sales presentations, preferably web-based demonstrations of a B2B, SaaS product in the software industry.
  • Experience selling complex SaaS solutions and services subscriptions.
  • Ideally, experience selling complex technical products into technical and development departments, to buyers titles such as CTO, VP of Engineering, Dir of Technology, Dir of Engineering, Dir of QA, etc.
  • Ideally, experience within the Test and QA vertical, DevTools, DevOps, or within other verticals that serve the software development lifecycle.
  • Consultative technology sales experience with a demonstrated track record of exceeding revenue targets. Proven success in reaching and selling to C-level executives and selling to multiple stakeholders.
  • Managing daily, weekly, a monthly, quarterly and annual calendar, updating CRM for all activities on a daily basis.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Excellent phone and video call skills with the ability to lead sales demonstrations.
  • Desire to grow in experience and responsibility as the company grows.
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Experience with G-Suite Business.
  • Knowledge of common sales tools and sales stack technologies.
  • Ability to travel across North America up to 10% of the time, post-pandemic.



  • Fully market-competitive salary transparently benchmarked to industry standards
  • Strong equity participation of pre-Series B options
  • Full benefits package including 100% health/dental/vision and 401k


Growth Opportunities

  • ProdPerfect is a rapidly growing company and has new roles frequently opening – we’re looking for someone to join in this role for at least 12 months but you’ll have early insight into all new roles at the company as they come open.
  • Personal and professional development is a conscious part of everyone’s journey at ProdPerrfect, and wherever possible we support and accommodate the career growth aspirations of everyone in the business.


About ProdPerfect

ProdPerfect is a breakout ML platform that autonomously builds, maintains, and expands web regression tests for web applications by analyzing live user traffic. We achieved instant product-market fit, solving the hardest problem in quality assurance: having facts drive decisions about what to test on an application. Since launch we have consistently grown 30% MoM and are having a ball doing it.



Our values are at the core of who we hire and we strive to live them daily. More to come on our blog, but here’s the short version:

  • Transparency– Transparency means that we make visible our decision making processes and outcomes as best as possible. This is because all humans are fallible and all organizations are likewise. The only way to avoid organizational and individual behaviour drifting away from real values is to open up to peer review for accountability and opportunities for feedback and learning. Transparency mandates and holds us to a higher standard of truth and honesty while simultaneously providing a guide for others internal and external to the organization to further their understanding of the world.


  • Humility– Humility, for us, means three things. First, it’s accepting and forgiving everyone’s own self, every organization, and generally all humans as fallible. Second, it means that for business decisions, we put the values of the organization above personal self-interests that are misaligned with the whole (see the impact for how burnout is in no one’s interest). Last, it means explicitly that we don’t value or reward egocentric behaviours, and we challenge our own egocentric thinking.


  • Enthusiasm– Enthusiasm means that we strive to personally embody the values of the organization and that we each want the organization to succeed. It also means that we value and encourage positive self-esteem and that we seek an attitude that loves what we do in each moment of doing it–that is, that we love the work for its own sake.


  • Ownership / Human Agency– Ownership and transparency form the egalitarian core of our beliefs. We value autonomy and self-determination. Wherever possible, we prioritize clear well-defined responsibilities scoped to singular individuals which let us decentralize decision-making, and enables them to experiment on, iterate, and improve the areas that they own. We seek to hire folks who themselves want to be personally responsible for a positive, transparent impact on the company, folks who respect the responsibilities of others, and, as they grow, learn the art of delegation of ownership without micro-management.
  • Impact– Short term survival is not enough, instead, we’re here to fight both long-term failure and the failure to achieve greater potential. We’re calling our enemy: burnout. Burnout applies to individuals fizzling out, drowning out, and being snuffed out. Burnout applies to organizations that fail. And burnout applies to our species living in unsustainable ways. We as an organization maximize our contributions that save as many and as much as possible from burnout.



Our culture isn’t about ping pong tables or free snacks. Our culture is in the work we do together. We sometimes call it “The Beehive:” everyone puts aside their egos and has fun doing the work, together. We are superb at celebrating each other’s successes and the team’s successes as a whole.

We aggressively encourage diversity of backgrounds, ideas, beliefs, hobbies and activities. Our team is curious about each other and excited to learn about each other and form bonds over both what makes us the same and what makes us different.

Our social life grows organically, driven by the people we hire, who each add their own special sauce to how we spend our time together outside of work. In both our work and our fun, everyone plays an equal role in making the change they want to see and owning the outcome.

Join us if you want to rocket off to the moon together, working hard, owning your own success, and loving the work and the team you’re with.