Quant’s mission is to give people real control over their financial future, starting with crypto options. With Quant, you’ll be able to trade crypto options instantly, free, in a permission less and easy to use web and mobile app. We are blurring the line between DeFi and regular finance in regards to option trading.

You will be joining a highly technical team that has deep knowledge of trading, and values shipping beautiful, usable products. We are early adopters in a nascent space, and are continuously laying the groundwork and raising the bar of the decentralized trading standard.

If you’re interested in bringing permission less crypto options to the masses, where no one entity can decide your financial future, we want to talk to you.


Our Team

We have deep crypto experience with founders that have built a leading crypto exchange, world class marketing making services and contributed to top 10 DeFi code bases. Our partners include top crypto venture capital and market making firms doing billion dollar daily derivatives trading volume. We have strong culture of continuous learning, authenticity, and tenacity. Moreover, the team, our investors, advisors all actually care about what we are building and want to use our own protocol and products.



  • Drive high-level decisions about Quant Protocol architecture, incentive structures, and features
  • Design, implement, test, and audit protocol upgrades and additions



  • Demonstrable experience interacting with the EVM and writing high-quality, well-tested Solidity
  • Experience with GraphQL and building subgraphs
  • Works well with autonomy and can drive strong culture at early stage startups
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and can collaborate effectively on a breadth of technical topics


Even Better if You

  • Have knowledge of trading options
  • Are familiar with crypto-economic protocol design including governance and incentive structures
  • Prior experience building systems for financial markets
  • DevOps experience. We use Kubernetes, Docker and the cloud.



  • Work with a motivated and proven team building something you’ll actually use
  • Highly competitive salary
  • Equity stake in Quant’s success
  • Flexible work hours and location
  • We’re backed by the top VC’s in crypto and you’ll have access to industry experts