Remote Blockchain Engineer

Website Webaverse

Who We Are

We’re building a virtual world from open source and p2p technology that players create and own. Everything in the world is an NFT. There’s an inventory system, so you can bring your items and favorite memes to share with your friends. Multiplayer is built with WebRTC and y.js (CRDTs).

Why You Should Work with Us

We’re a young company, but we’ve accomplished a lot in that short time. What we’ve done wouldn’t have been possible without passionate people, dedicated to our vision of an open and democratic metaverse. If you too would like to get in on the ground floor of the next major Internet revolution, if you too have the passion, the singular obsession to see the 3D web realized in all its glory, then we want to hear from you.

You’ll Be Responsible for…

  • Designing and implementing standard ERC contracts (721, 1155, 20)
  • Adding extra-spec features to standard ERC contracts (e.g. metadata)
  • Quickly implementing and testing new smart contract interactions (game mechanics, on-chain business logic, manager contracts)

You’re a Good Fit if…

You are/have:

  • At least 2 years working in the startup/blockchain/gaming space as a full-time contributor at respected projects/companies
  • Expert frontend and backend Javascript/Typescript skills (Node.js)
  • Expert in Solidity smart contracts
  • You can share a Github which shows your contributions to smart contracts that are deployed on a mainnet
  • Expert in EVM debugging
  • Understanding of performance and gas in Ethereum
  • Strong understanding of mints, approvals, burns
  • Experience with ethers, web3.js, used apps, and similar libraries
  • Experience in manual and automated contract deployment (Truffle, Remix, etc)
  • Experience in building multi-network frontend user interfaces
  • Manage permissions and authorization between addresses and smart contracts
  • Experience working with blockchain explorer APIs
  • Experience submitting transactions to the blockchain from the frontend
  • Experience working with contract-verified server-side signatures
  • Strong understanding of crypto security (keys, mnemonics, wallets, signatures, secure contexts, practical user interface spoofing concerns)
  • Can implement crypto user interfaces in React
  • Have implemented many token URI server-side endpoints, including 2d images, video, and 3d models

We expect this experience to find its origin in multiple years (at least 4 years) working in the startup/blockchain/gaming space.

Our Process

  • Application review
  • Interviews via Voice/Video Call or Discord Chat
  • Coding challenge – We will provide a task from our open issues – Any solution we use will be paid for
  • Contract negotiations
  • Total expected time to hire: A few days to a couple of weeks

To apply for this job please visit