Timescale is looking for someone to build, lead, and own our internal business data platform. We’re a rapidly growing company, and we need even more rapid insights from our data to help drive our decision-making and ensure we focus on the right things, at the time

This role brings our data and always-be-learning vision to life.

The background of the person we’re looking for (and even the job title) is flexible. We’re focused on finding someone who can deliver on the data integration outcomes described below, regardless of background or prior work history.

We like to think of this role as our own R2-D2: the person behind the scenes opening locked doors right when we’re about to run into them. If that quote made sense, you love coding, and love reading about SaaS metrics, then you’ll fit right in!

Note: This role is remote, but English language proficiency is a requirement. You will also be working with teammates mostly based in EST United States time.


Key outcomes you will deliver in this role

  • Connect data across Customer Success, Marketing, Engineering, and IT Ops into a unified view to guide company-wide decision-making.
    • Note: As a company built on PostgreSQL, we love SQL – and SQL skills will make this job much easier, but aren’t required if you’re proficient in another language.
  • Provide robust, data-driven answers to critical questions like “how can we grow faster?”; “what do our most engaged users have in common?” and “which customer should Customer Success contact first?”
  • Unify our product analytics to present a holistic view of customers’ progress and journey, both individually and aggregate trends.
  • Integrate and automate our data pipelines plus tooling for key metrics and operations. This includes connecting data sources across our 800k monthly active databases and multiple products.
  • Create custom internal tooling, alerting, and monitoring solutions to help predict new customers conversion, churns, expansion rates, etc.
    • Our entire go-to-market organization will depend on these resources on a daily basis.
    • These won’t necessarily need to utilize machine learning, but that would be a plus


About Timescale

Timescale develops TimescaleDB, the category-defining open-source relational database for time-series data, and a Timescale cloud platform, offering fully-managed TimescaleDB and related time-series services.

TimescaleDB offers developers the reliability, performance, scale, and advanced analytical capabilities they need to store and analyze mission-critical data. With over one million active databases deployed worldwide, Timescale customers span all industries and use cases, including cloud infrastructure monitoring and metrics, SaaS product analytics, media and entertainment, Internet of Things, finance, and more.

Timescale is a remote-first company with a global workforce and is backed by Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Icon Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, and other leading investors.