Remote Work Definitions, Benefits, And Resources

Remote Work Definitions, Benefits, And Resources 1

Things have surely grown over the past years. Unlike in the past, it is now possible to work from any place of choice instead of availing yourself of a physical office or place of work. This is what remote work is all about. According to Brie Weiler, remote work is any work done away from an office or in a remote location. It is possible to work when on vacation or in any other circumstances based on the type of job you specialize in.

Quite a large population of people across the globe is now resorting to remote work for the simple fact that it is convenient. Remote work entails offering services virtually or physically but away from an office. A good example of remote work is working as a front-end developer from home (Malaysia maybe) for a company based in Estonia. Such a job gives you the liberty to work from any place of choice. The primary goal is to deliver to the client irrespective of location.


Among the top benefits of remote work include:

  • Maximum Convenience: Remote work grants you the chance to work from any place of choice and in some cases at any time of choice.
  • Increased Productivity: Working from an environment of choice means that you stand a chance of increasing your productivity.
  • Readily Available Resources: The modern world grants the necessary resources to facilitate remote work. Resources such as the internet and electronic devices are not hard to find.
  • Comfort: This is a fundamental requirement for any person aspiring to increase productivity. Remote work provides the utmost comfort.


To perform remarkably well in any remote work, the best resources must be available. Here is a list of both articles and tools that are deemed best for facilitating successful remote work:


The Joys and Benefits of Working As Distributed Team

This article highlights 6 reasons why Joel Gascoigne prefers to have a distributed team of workers. He advocates for having employees work remotely since that is the easiest way of achieving maximum productivity.

21 Months In : How To Manage Remote Team

This article dwells more on the strategies and tips on how to manage a remote team. The article focuses on 3 ingredients necessary for driving any remote team in the right direction. Wade Foster gives a deep analysis of ways to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved remotely.

Pros and Cons of Being A Remote Team (And How We Do It)

It is true that remote work has a lot of benefits to offer. Similarly, there are some negatives involved in the same work. This article provides a long list of all the pros and cons in relation to remote work. Alex Turnbull also provides strategies on how one can make the most out of remote work in the same article.

Hidden Keys To Successful Communication As A Remote Team

The focus of this article is based on the need to bridge the gap between remote team players through good communication. Janet Choi acknowledges the need to reduce the psychological distance between team players since that is the easiest way of boosting productivity.

6 Tips For Communicating Effectively With Remote Teams

There is no doubt that communication is of the essence among remote team players. This article gives 6 effective tips that can successfully facilitate communication between remote teams. All aspects of communication in remote work are fully addressed in this article.

Make Your Writing More Meaningful

Out of the many remote jobs, writing is among the most practised. You will, of course, require the right skills in order to write pieces that are appealing and attractive to the reader. This article provides a guide on how you can make your writing more meaningful. Highly effective strategies are enumerated in the article.

How To Keep Remote Workers From Screwing Up

It is possible for your remote workers to screw up if the right strategies are not used. This article is directed toward those who might have the fear of having their remote workers screw up. It provides you with tips and strategies that will help in ensuring that a remote team remains streamlined.

Why Remote Teams Are Becoming The Future of Work

The future is truly heading towards remote work. This article gives people the reason to focus on remote work since that is the future. The author enumerates reasons why you should embrace remote work and some of the things you should do in preparation for the future.

3 Radical Habits of Highly Successful Remote Teams

For success to manifest in any remote work, there are some habits that must be emulated and adopted. The author of this article exhibits his deep research on remote work by providing common habits that successful remote teams adopt. It is an ideal guide for those who are aspiring to become successful remote workers.

7 Mistakes Managers Make When Managing Remote Workers

As time goes by, you will likely become a manager of your own remote company. This means that you will be expected to control your team in the right way for success to manifest eventually. This article provides a list of mistakes that most managers make when managing remote workers. It is an ideal resource that is likely to keep you from making similar mistakes.

5 CEOs Reveal Their Best Remote Working Practices

There are great people who have been successful in remote work across the globe. This article provides a list of 5 CEOs who have been extremely successful in remote work. They share their best practices and why they have managed to be great in their specializations.

5 Best Remote Working Technologies for 2021

Technology is part and parcel of remote work. Without technology, it would not have been possible for some tasks to be done remotely. This is an ideal article in the sense that it provides you with the 5 best technologies employed in remote work.

21 Tried-and-True Tips For Remote Working

There are channels and practices that must be followed to achieve success in remote work. The author of this article provides you with 21 tips that have been tried and confirmed to be ideal for any person aspiring to become a successful remote worker.

Why Remote Work Can’t Be Stopped

It is true that remote work is here to stay. If you still have your doubts, this article will convince you further that remote work is indeed unstoppable. It provides practical reasons why remote work will remain on point and even dominate the world.

The Rise and Fall Of Working From Home

Rebecca Greenfield gives a researched perspective in relation to the rise and fall of working from home. The weight, however, falls on the rise of work-at-home jobs. It is a clear indication that she believes in remote work.

Tools For Remote Work

 17 Tools for Remote Work

Kevan Lee provides a comprehensive list of 17 tools deemed ideal for remote work. The list includes online tools and applications that can be used by any remote worker. Most of them are lined with managing remote teams.

10 Best Tools For Remote Work

Here is yet another list of 10 tools that work well for any remote worker. The author is highly selective with the tools. All Tools listed are a must-have for any remote worker. They are the kind of tools that enable one to work from any place without any challenges.

5 Tech Tools That Are Changing The World of Remote Work

Tech tools have been highly appreciated in remote work. The author of this article provides a list of 5 tech tools that have been so far confirmed to be highly effective in changing the future of remote work. They have already ushered in prime changes and this is bound to continue in the years to come.

How To Work Remotely and Still Be The Best

Aside from offering you tips on how you can manoeuvre through remote work, the author of this article also provides you with a list of tools that can be of help in the same. Much of the tools discussed here are software based. With the enumerated tools, you have an assurance of making the most out of remote work.

Managing Remote Team? Here Are 10 Tools That Can Help

This is an ideal list for those seeking to manage a large team of remote workers. It provides a credible list of tools that have been purposely developed to manage a large team of workers. The author expounds on how each tool works.

Tools For Remote Teams

 This is a collection of handy tools that are needed by just any remote worker.  It might interest you to know that this is a list curated by buffer hence credible and confirmed. You can perform literally any task remotely with this collection of tools.

5 Ways to Monitor Employee Workflow

It is not always easy to tell how productive your remote team is. However, with the tools provided in this article, you can tell how well your team is performing and what should be done for improvement.

40+ Best Productivity Tools for 2022

The article is focused on remote teams. It enumerates tools that work just fine for remote teams. You can monitor your team easily and effectively with the help of the tools. It is all about raising productivity in any company by controlling and coordinating remote teams.

10 Online Tools For better Attention and Focus

Focus and attention are two inseparable elements of productivity in any company.  It is for this reason that tools to boost focus and attention were brought about. This article enlists major tools that are deemed necessary in increasing focus and attention in any individual or team. They are tools that can be used from any place of choice without any inconvenience.

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