Remote Working Guide: Different Types of Remote Jobs

Remote Working Guide: Different Types of Remote Jobs 1

Remote working culture is on the rise in the United States and European countries. Although the number of 100% remote companies is still countable, 43% of employees in United States spend some time working remotely.

Almost every job can be done remotely unless the job is related to the manufacturing industry which requires the employees to work at the manufacturing plant.

In this article, we are listing different types of remote jobs that are high in demand and the average pay for those jobs.

Remote Writers

Remote Working Guide: Different Types of Remote Jobs 2

There are plenty of writing jobs available online where you can write in the niche you’re good at. However, you need to be cautious when applying for writer positions. Sadly, there are a lot of scams going on by promising work from home writing jobs.

When you’re applying for a remote writing or freelance writing position, make sure you’re dealing with companies or websites that are legit. Don’t start your work without getting your offer letter and employment agreement.

Average Pay: $52,343/year

Remote Software Developers

Remote Working Guide: Different Types of Remote Jobs 4

Remote software developers are high in demand today. Software developers have the ability to work from wherever they want as all they need is a desktop or laptop to get their job done. Most remote software developers are required to create systems or software to make the business of a particular organization more efficient.

These general remote software developer jobs revolve around traditional programming languages like Java, Visual Basic, C#, PHP and more.

Average Pay: $79,604/year 

Remote Ruby on Rails Developers

Ruby on Rails programming skill has been high in demand since 2016. Most of the top sites like Instagram and Envato were developed using Ruby on Rails. Among all the software development jobs, Ruby on Rails is still one of the high-demand remote jobs in 2022.

Average Pay: $74,799/year

Remote Marketers

Remote Working Guide: Different Types of Remote Jobs 6

Every organization require marketers to get their brand, products & services out there to their target market. Although traditional marketing is still important for most organizations, the tasks can be done easily by working remote.

There is a lot of marketing-related jobs available for people looking to work remotely.

Average Pay: 50,390/year


Remote Account Managers

Remote Working Guide: Different Types of Remote Jobs 8

Remote account managers are not the ones who are involved in managing the financial aspect of an organization. They are the ones who are responsible for managing client and company relationships. Account managers often maintain the existing relationship with a number of clients and stakeholders to have steady business transactions.

The account manager tasks can be done remotely today with some top-notch client management tools.

Average Pay: $57,244/year 

Remote Data Analysts

Remote Working Guide: Different Types of Remote Jobs 10

Ever heard of numbers converted to plain understandable language? That’s what Data Analysts do. The analysis of data is required in many industries and also in different departments within an organization. The job of a data analyst is to analyze the collected data and convert it to useful information that is used to make better business decisions.

There is a high demand for data analysts today. As the job nature involves mostly computing systems, it can be easily done remotely.

Average Pay: $65,470/year

Remote Web Developers

Remote Working Guide: Different Types of Remote Jobs 12

The need for web development has never reduced since the existence of the Internet. Web developers are always needed for new web-related projects. Although there is a huge number of no-code tools available today like Wix and Weebly, professional websites that attract and convert visitors require skilful web developers.

The nature of web development revolves online and there is no need for the web developer to present physically. There is a huge number of web development jobs and projects available on various remote job boards.

Average Pay: 88,488/year

Remote Java Developers

Like other development jobs, Java Developers are also highly required in organizations that rely heavily on Java applications.  A Java developer can develop applications and programs using Java programming language and be able to make them compatible across many different systems.

There is a huge market for remote Java developers in 2022.

Average Pay: $72,417/year

Remote Front-End Developers

A front-End developer is similar to a web developer. But, the main task of a front-end developer is to focus on the visual representation of a website or web application that is interactive and engaging for the users. Front-End developers will focus more on the technical part of UI/UX.

Like other development jobs, organizations are actively hiring remote front-end developers today.

Average Pay: $88,680/year

Remote iOS Developers

Remote iOS developers develop mobile applications that run on Apple’s iOS system. iOS developers are the ones proficient in either Objective-C or Swift programming languages.

Other than these common programming languages, iOS developers should also have basic knowledge of other aspects like UX, UI and API integrations. There are many organizations actively looking for remote iOS developers to join their teams and constantly maintain their applications.

Average Pay: $107,829/year

Remote Android Developers

Unlike iOS Developers, Android Developers require the technical skills of a software developer. They need to be proficient with Java, Android SDK, APIs and strong back-end skills. According to research, there are more than 5.9 million Android developers in the world with a software development background.

With the increase in Android apps in Google Marketplace, the need for Android developers is continuously increasing.

Average Pay: $97,986/year

Remote Digital Marketers

Traditional marketing is still important and can never be ignored. However, digital marketing is high in demand today. This is because it is easier to measure the success of digital marketing campaigns and identify the ones working for the business. And most importantly it’s cost-effective compared to other marketing initiatives.

As most businesses are increasing their digital marketing budgets in 2022, the need for digital marketing experts has also increased. And the best part is that digital marketers can work remotely.

Average Pay: $67,230/year

Remote Social Media Marketers

Social Media has become the target market for most companies. This is because 99% of their potential customers are active on any of the popular social media sites. The advertising on social media websites has increased astronomically compared to previous years. It is expected to keep increasing over the years.

Organizations require social media marketers who specialize in social media advertising to fully take control of their social media efforts. Unlike those days, digital marketers had to manage every digital medium, specific roles for different mediums are required today.

This is because even social media networks are getting complex and require in-depth research to dominate the platform.

Like digital marketers, social media marketers can easily work remotely. There are great opportunities for remote social media marketers today.

Average Pay: $49,395/year

Remote Technical Writers

The demand for writers never decreased over the decade. Every website requires content today. Without content, websites will be doomed. With the rise of SaaS-related products and services, technical writers are needed. The ability of technical writers to analyze a specific product or service and convert them into their writing is what organizations are looking for today.

Technical writers require special skill sets compared to general writers. High analytical and technical understanding is required to become an excellent technical writer.

Tech organization are always on the hunt for remote technical writers who can write technical content that can help even a person without technical knowledge to understand their products and services.

Average Pay: 58,990/year

Remote Content Editor

Content Editors play important role in polishing and finishing content. Their final touch is extremely important when it comes to content. Content represents the branding identity and the perception of an organization.

Imagine a top brand publishing content with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The potential customers will get turned off though it looks like a small issue.

Remote content editors are required by every organization that focuses on amplifying their marketing efforts with content marketing.

Average Pay: $55,971/year

Remote Data Scientists

Top companies like Facebook, Alphabet and even Apple are actively hiring data scientists. As these companies need someone who can uncover, and come up with progressive machine learning algorithms, their need has been increasing over the years.

Data science is something that will become essential for every organization in the next 5 to 10 years.

The tasks for data scientists can be done remotely as they require machine learning and statistics related computing tools to get the job done.

Average Pay: $120,931/year

Remote SEO Specialists

Companies are still working hard on getting their brand to the top of search engines for the right keywords. We do not see any sign of a decrease in the demand for SEO specialists. Top organizations that want to be competitive within their industry even when it comes to search engine rankings.

Although SEO is part of digital marketing, having an expert completely focusing on search engine marketing alone is preferred by many organizations today.

As the SEO tasks can be done remotely, more and more remote working opportunities are available for SEO specialists.

Average Pay: $37,620/year

Remote Sales Executives

The days a salesperson needs to meet their potential customers face-to-face are long gone. With tools like Zoom and Microsoft Team, it is relatively easy for salespeople to communicate with their prospects.

Remote sales executive jobs are limited. However, as companies looking to leverage their opportunities to go global with their business, we can see active hiring of remote sales executives from various countries.

Average Pay: $39,300/year

How much are you getting paid as a remote worker?

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